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Optional Extras

Create a horsebox that works for you by choosing from our range of extras to customise your build. To see what your horsebox comes with as a standard head to the build your own horsebox page or check out our current stock here.

Horsebox Removable anti weave bars

Removable Anti weave bars


Ideal for difficult travellers; fixed to the emergency horse exit using shoot bolts for easy removal they provide a safety barrier to prevent your horse(s) jumping over the breast bars and prevents arguments between two travelling horses.

Infilled removable anti weave bars


They are the same as above however feature a secondary safety feature to deter even the most determined horse. They have wooden infilled panels to prevent horses getting their hooves trapped if they try to climb over.

Infilled removable anti weave bars
horsebox padded partition

Padded Partition


These make travelling more comfortable for your horses whilst also adding a touch of class.

Red running calming light


These lights help to alleviate stress and anxiety within your travelling horse.

red running calming light
LED loading light - The ideal way to illuminate your horsebox to ensure safe loading is achieved whatever the time of day

LED Loading Light


The ideal way to illuminate your horsebox to ensure safe loading is achieved whatever the time of day.

Secondary Rope Partition


A 2m reinforced twisted rope fixed to the opening of the ramp which provides a barrier to stop your second traveller from coming out on to the ramp whilst loading and unloading.

secondary rope partition
hay catcher

Hay Catcher


A black waterproof nylon sail fixed under the haynets in the grooms area to catch any excess hay from your horse. 

Suitable for van type conversions only.

Additional Tie Rings


Our standard builds come with two tie rings either side of the horsebox so additional rings can be added during build (these can only be added during the build as they are built into the framework).

horsebox additional tie rings
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