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Reasons to Upgrade to a 3.5t Horsebox Van Conversion

Choosing the right mode of transportation for your equine companion is a crucial decision for any horse owner. Many equestrians start off transporting their horse via a trailer, yet trailers can come with challenges, from manoeuvring to getting set up for the road. The natural progression in terms of transport usually leads people to consider swapping to a 3.5t horsebox van.

Below we’ll discuss the advantages of our 3.5 horsebox van conversions for those who may be considering the swap.

Comfort for the Horse

One of the top concerns we get from horse owners is they want their horses to be as comfortable as possible when in transit. Luckily for them, when transitioning to the use of a horsebox van many features ensure a sturdy, safe and comfortable journey for both horse and rider.

At Southwest Horseboxes, we only build on Renault Masters, Vauxhall Movano and Nissan Insterstar chassis. This is because each of these vans has suspension that offers optimal handling compared to trailers, especially when driving on rural terrain that we’re so used to as horse owners.

Our 3.5t horsebox van conversions can include optional extras such as padded partitions or red running calming light, prioritising the comfort and safety of the equine passenger.

The low-lying profile chassis of the vehicles we use ensures a gentle incline for the ramp for smooth and easy loading and unloading, reducing time and stress for both the horse and the


3.5t horsebox van

Key Features & Customisation

Another standout advantage of the 3.5t horsebox van conversions is the customisation options. Whether you’re looking for convenience features or simply want to personalise the design to your taste, many additional extras are available.

As a standard, all of our 3.5t horsebox van conversions contain the following features:

  • Reinforced Steel box section frame bulkhead

  • Steel box section frame Emergency horse exit

  • Steel floor with marine ply coated in a fibreglass resin with rubber matting overlay

  • 18mm ply coated in a waterproof resin for strength and durability

  • Removable Partition with three different settings,

  • Gas Ram Assisted Ramps,

  • Roof Vent with fly net,

  • Cab to horse window

  • Internal & Reversing Cameras

  • Saddle Racks

  • Bridle hooks

  • External horse ties

  • Internal horse ties

  • Internal hay ties

  • Internal LED lighting

One of our favourite features we have is the cabin-to-horse window, where you can check in on your equine companion during transit to check everything is ok in the back. To further assist with communication we also have internal cameras for you to see a full view of inside the horse area, providing reassurance that your horse is comfortable throughout the journey.

At Southwest Horseboxes we also have a range of optional extras available to add to your 3.5t horsebox such as removable anti-weave bars and padded partitions. You can even choose which colour Respray and graphics you would like if you choose to book in to build your own.

Other Advantages of 3.5t Horsebox Van Conversions

  • Insurance costs: Surprisingly, despite their size, horseboxes often come with lower insurance costs and the added versatility and safety of horseboxes can translate into more favourable insurance premiums for owners.

  • Cost-Effective MOT Pricing: MOT testing can be more cost-effective for a 3.5t horsebox van, as they are considered a part of the standard vehicle category. When the gross vehicle weight is below 3.5 tonnes, you will only be required to have a standard category B licence, meaning those aged 17 and over with a standard UK driving licence can drive one of our horseboxes.

In conclusion, progressing to a 3.5t horsebox van conversion ensures a safe and comfortable journey for horses and owners alike. Built on reliable chassis like Renault Masters, Vauxhall Movano, and Nissan Insterstar, these vans prioritise equine well-being with features such as padded partitions, calming lights, and a low-lying profile for easy loading. 

Safety takes precedence through reinforced bulkheads, emergency exits, and gas ram-assisted ramps. Customisation options, including internal cameras, contribute to continuous monitoring and security. Financial benefits, such as lower insurance costs and cost-effective MOT pricing, add to the appeal. A 3.5t horsebox van conversion offers a comprehensive solution, combining safety, customisation, and comfort for optimal equine transport.

If you would like to discuss the ins and outs of our 3.5t horsebox van conversions in more detail, please contact us at Southwest Horseboxes.

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